About Us

About SuccessSignage

SuccessSignage is a cloud based digital signage system specializes in delivering the right information at the right time to the right audiences for your company or organization. It is an excellent system to promote your business, boost sales and enhance communication with your customers at a very low cost.

SuccessSignage provides the hardware, Apps and media design for easy use. It is also a DIY (do it yourself) system, which means you can use whatever you already have as your digital signage content without paying any additional cost. Our sytsem works for all kinds of businesses, including hospitals, museums, stadiums, retail stores, corporate buildings, hotels, restaurants, car showrooms and any area where you want to impress your customers.

SuccessSignage uses a cutting edge Android media player to deliver your conent, text, image, video, or even web page and more, to your big screen(High Definition TV) through the internet. You have complete control over your digital signage, including the screen layout, scheduling and of course the content itself.

Our Android based media player is small but powerful and easy to use. You control it with a few clicks on the remote control, just like what you do with your home TV.

SuccessSignage never stops innovation. Join us now to enjoy the evolution of digital signage and reap the huge benefits it offers to your business. All our new features or functions will be available for you at no cost.