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Simply speaking, digital signage is a modern signage system. It uses big TV screen (LCD, LED, Projector etc) to display content such as text, images, videos etc.

SuccessSignage is a digital signage system. It includes all the hardware and software to control and manage your digital signage. It is an ideal system to promote business and enhance the communication with audience.

Besides the login account and SuccessPlayer(s) you ordered from, there are 2 things you will need to use SuccessSignage:

  • Internet connection: SuccessSignage needs internet to synchronize content, scheduling and other settings between our server and your SuccessPlayer. You will also need internet to login to our SuccessContent web portal to upload and manage your content and digital signage system.
  • TV screen(s): This is where your content will be displayed. The TV needs to support HDMI input so you can connect SuccessPlayer to it.

We currently support Canada and United States.

Our SuccessPlayer hardware supports only 1 TV screen.

You need to order the same number of SuccessPlayers as that of your TV screens. You can easily layout the screens next to each other to use them as menu board.

We are currently working on a real menu board system to simultaneously display one piece of content on multiple TV screens - please contact us for detail.

"SuccessPlayer" is an Android based Media Box with a pre-installed App called SuccessPlayer. It is in charge of the communication with our server and displaying content to you big screen.

The SuccessPlayer app is free of charge and pre-installed on the media box. It can also be downloaded from Google Play Store if needed. It is created and tested for our devices only for now.

SuccessPlayer supports plug and play, plug it to your screen HDMI port is the only installation needed.

SuccessPlayer will run automatically when you power on you player. SuccessPlayer comes with a remote control for easy daily operation. The IR (infrared) receiver is tiny and separate from the box which allows for easy hidden placement.

Note: Working internet connection is needed for SuccessPlayer.

Please note that your subscription to SuccessSignage is per SuccessPlayer based - meaning each SuccessPlayer (or your screen) may have different subscriptions.

Start: Your subscription will start the day you subscribe/signup to our service. We will give you 2 extra weeks for shipping and installation. This will ensure you pay for only the duration you actually use our services.

Renewal: Each of your SucessPlayer will be renewed automatically based on selected subscription term at the last day of your subscription. For example, if you choose "quarterly" subscription term, and your SuccessPlayer's subscription is from May 18, 2016 to August 18, 2016, this SuccessPlayer will be renewed on August 18, 2016. All charges go to your credit card on file. We will send reminder email before the renewal. Fail to renew the subsciption will disable your SucessPlayer result in empty screen.

You can add more screens by purchasing more SuccessPlayers. You can do so by logining to our SuccessContent portal, then choose menu [Order/Subscription]->[Buy SuccessPlayer] and follow the on screen step-by-step instructions.

You can not change SuccessPlayer's current subscription term.

But you can change the future renewal subscription term. You can do so by logining to our SuccessContent port, then choose [order/Subscription]->[Subscription Renew Setting] and follow the instructions on the page. Your new term will take effect when the subscription is renewed.

You can start to login and use our SuccessContent web portal right after you place an order.

You can cancel your account any time 1 business day before the end of your current paid subscription. Your cancellation will take effect by the end of the final day of your paid subscription and you will not be charged again.

Upon cancellation, all Content associated with an Account is considered immediately removed from all related Services. Reactivation of a cancelled Account does not guarantee access to previously uploaded Content.

There will be no refunds or credits for partial periods of Services due to account cancellation.

To cancel your account, please fill up form here with your cancellation request and your login email.

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