How SuccessSignage works

3 Easy Steps to Setup Your Digital Signage and Turn Your TV into a Digital Sign

get access to SuccessPlayer and SuccessContent management system

1. Subscribe

Order SuccessPlayer and subscribe to SuccessSignage

Subscribe to receive the SuccessPlayer and access to SuccessContent Management System(SCMS)


2. Centralized Content Management

Control your digital sign and distribute content through our centralized web portal. There is no need to install any software, it is web based; and you can access it from your Smartphone, Tablet and or computer.

Key features:
  • Design once and share your digital signage screen design and content with all your screens
  • Easy to create and upload content
  • Flexible content scheduling
  • Campaign based content management system
  • Control Android player from web
Easy content and schudling system
plug and play android media player

3. Plug and Play

Connect and register SuccessPlayer to display your content

Start the display by connecting your SuccessPlayer to your big screen and internet

  • Support both wired or wireless internet connection
  • HDMI connect to big TV Screen, support 4K video
  • Remote control
  • Tiny media player, easy to install and hide