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Our Produt & Services

SuccessSignage is a digital signage system. The SuccessContent web portal allows you to manage and schedule your content which is stored on our secure server. SuccessPlayer is Android media player that uses our SuccessPlayer APP to make your digital signage flow from our server to your screen. SucessContent and SuccessPlayer make your digital signage a perfect DIY system. Even better, we have professional designers to help you prepare your content at a very low price.

Success-Content Management System (SCMS)

SCMS is a cloud based content management system. It is a website which you can use to control all the aspects of your digital signage.

Features include:

  • Centralized content management

    You can upload all your content, text, images, videos and web pages etc, to our server. The content can then be accessed from all your digital signage screens.

  • Smart scheduling

    For each piece of uploaded content you can attach a schedule, so the content will be displayed only when you want.

  • Super easy screen zone design

    You can easily control the content layout on the screen from our screen designer. Screens can be split into multiple "zones". Each zone will act independently with its own content, style and schedule.



To use SuccessSignage, you need to purchase our SuccessPlayer, which is an Android based media box with our free SuccessPlayer APP pre-installed on it.

Our powerful Android media player utilizes Android 6.0 Marshmallow, quad core CPU, 2G RAM and 16G onboard storage, to make sure your content will run smoothly on the screen.

SuccessPlayer comes with a remote control for easy daily operation. The IR (infrared) receiver is tiny and separate from the box which allows for easy hidden placement.

Our SuccessPlayer APP is free! You can download it from Google store at:

Our player is very easy to use. Plug it in your screen, and then switch it on/off from you remote every day. All the rest will be done automatically.

Professional Media/Content Design

We encourage you to create and use your own content . But we also provide professional content design to help you better communcate with your audience.

Please click here to see some sample designs.

Or simply fill out the contact form, we will contact you and discuss your media design ASAP. Your satisfication is our number one priority.