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SuccessSignage tutorials is the place to get your digital signage going. Please check the following steps to let SuccessSignage serve you better.

If you want to know an overall structure and how it works, please click here

Please follow the steps below to set up your digital signage.

  • Login to your SuccessConent web portal
  • Add locations

    Location is where you will put your digital signage screen. You need to get locations setting ready before your first SuccessPlayer registration. For better management, you need to create location for each place you plan to install your screen. You can let multiple SuccessPlayer share the same location.

    To create location, you can follow the menu:
    [Settings] -> [My Locations]
    then follow the on screen instructions.

  • Add background images

    If you wish to add background image to your content on screen, you will need to upload them. If you don’t want to use background images, skip to next step. You can add background image later on.

    To upload your background images, you need to follow the menu:
    [Settings] ->[Content Manger]
    Click the [Add New] button and pick [Background Image]
    In the following page, select how your background image will align on the screen, fill the tile and choose a file, then click [Upload] button.

  • Screen Design

    This is about how to organize your digital signage content layout on screen. Regardless of your actual screen layout (vertical or horizontal), when design the screen, you need to consider the screen as a rectangle.

    A screen can be divided into multiple logic rectangle zones. Each zone will cover a part of your screen area and shows whatever content you put in that zone. You need at least 1 zone per screen.

    To start your “Screen Design”, follow the menu:
    [Settings]->[Screen Design] For how to and tips about “Screen Design”, click here.

  • Add content

    Now it is time to upload or add you content. To do so, follow the menu:
    [Settings]->[Content Manager]
    You can upload images, background images, videos, add text, scrolling message and web content etc.

  • Schedule your content

    You are now ready to schedule your content and let them ready to be displayed on your screen.

    The content schedule is done by our campaign manager. In other words, your content and its schedule are organized by campaign. In order to deliver the content to the screens, you need to have at least one campaign.

    To create a campaign, follow the menu:
    [Settings]->[Campaign Manager]
    Click [Add New] button, in the following screen, fill title and description, select the “Screen Design” you created, click [Save] button, and you will see the newly created campaign in the list. Click the [Detail] link from third right column, and you will see the page for adding and scheduling your content to the selected campaign.

    Click here for how to add and schedule your content.

Now, you have finished your digital signage configuration. Connect and register your SuccessPlayer, and you will see the content on your screens!

It is easy to create screen design from our SucessConent Portal. Go to the screen design page by following the menu:
[Settings] -> [Screen Design]
Filling the screen design information and creating screen zones are all you need to do.

Background color and image:
If you want, you can pick the background color and image for the whole design and each zone. Otherwise, just leave them blank. You can always clear the background images and colors by clicking the eraser icon in the field. Please keep in mind, if the whole screen and zones are fully covered by the content, there is no need to set up background color or background image.

Zones are the rectangle areas that show the content. You can create zones by clicking [Add Zone] button. The current zone is highlighted in RED, you can click and select a zone. When selected, you can adjust zone’s location and size by selecting ideal values for top, left, width and height properties. Click [Delete] button will delete the selected zone. Zones’ locations and sizes are based on percentage, the actual location and size will be set based on your setting and screen size.
When design zones, try to avoid overlaping zones on top of each other.

You can upload images and videos by following the menu:
[Settings]->[Content Manager]
Click [Add New] and choose image, background image and video.

We support image in format of: *.jpg, *.png, *.gif, *.jpeg
We support video formats include: *.ogv, *.mp4, *.flv, *.webm, with decoder formats: H.264, H.265, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4

The biggest single file size is: 450Mb.

We support 2 types of text content:

  • Text: This is HTML like text, we provide a rich text editor for creating and adding style to the content. As incorrect HTML text might mess up your screen, please try to make it as simple as possible.
  • Scrolling Message: This is also HTML like text content with scrolling functionality.

SuccessSignage supports social media and web.

It is very simple to add social media and web content to your digital signage. First, prepare your social media content and web content. When ready, add it by following the menu:
[Settings]->[Content Manager]
Click [Add New]-> choose [Web]
And input your social media site or web page URL.

In your campaign manager page, Click the [Detail] link from third right column, and you will see the page for adding and scheduling your content for selected campaign.

  • Content
    you need to add content to all the zones for your campaign. To do so, click [Add Content] button, in the following page, you can add content for each type to selected zone. You can select multiple desired content and click [Add selected with above schedule] or click [Add] button from each individual content. You need to set up the schedule before adding content to zone. After adding content to zone, the selected content will disappear from the content list. This is for quickly select content. You can add the content to the same zone with or without same schedule. To do this, you change content type or re-enter this page to retrieve the disappearing content. Click [Back to schedule] button, you will see a list with all the zones and each zone’s content list. Click [Del] link will remove the content from selected zone.
  • Schedule

    We control the schedule for your content in following way:

    • Effective Date: These are the dates your content will be displayed. Out of this range, your content will not be displayed.
    • Week day: In the selected effective date range, your content will be displayed only for selected week days
    • Time: In selected effective date range and week days, your content will be displayed only for selected time range, which is accurate to hour and minute.
    • Duration: The content will be displayed for only selected seconds if it can be displayed. For videos, please make this the same duration as the video’s duration. For other content, you need to set hte actual duration needed to display the content. If you have only 1 piece of content, you still need to set up a duration, for example 10 seconds.

    You can schedule your content when add them or update the schedule after added from each content’s [Edit] link.

    You can adjust your content on screen display order, but they might be displayed differently when consider the real time and its schedule.

    All the times in your schedule are based on your SuccessPlayer local time. Please pick the correct time zone for your SuccessPlayer when start to use it.

To update your SuccessPlayer’s setting, you need to follow the menu:
[Settings] -> [My SuccessPlayers]
Click [Edit] link from the very right column in your SuccessPlayer list.
You can update selected SuccessPlayer’s Campaign and Location.

Your new setting will take effect after your SuccessPlayer synchronization, or you can manually restart your SuccessPlayer to see the change right away.